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Where are you on the CX Maturity Curve?

Customer Experience is more than just this year’s fad. 75% of organisations surveyed by Gartner had increased investment in CX and Customer Experience Management technology in the previous period; and according to Forrester research, the increase of chief customer officers, chief experience officers, and senior or executive customer experience roles has increased 1000% over the past 5 years

However, crafting the right Customer program is a delicate blend of art and science. The wrong technology or process can be an expensive lesson. The same Gartner article shares the statistics of those who entered without having the required team, technology, or internal buy-in.

The team at PlusX have each worked on some of Australia’s biggest brands to implement successful customer service and experience process and technologies. We apply a multidisciplinary, cross-functional approach to create and embed whole-system, omnichannel strategies and programs that will transform your business, create revenue streams and reduce churn.

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